Hello from Hugo & Giordano

Hello from Hugo & Giordano

Hello and happy News year!

We’ve been very quiet these past few months, but despite all appearances we’ve been diligently beavering away behind the scenes, getting ready to take this show to the next level. We’ll share more news and details in the coming days, but for now we just wanted to say – Hi! We’re here and about to resume broadcasts very very soon. The plan is to drop our first episode of Season 2 before Invasion Day here in Australia (that’s 26 January in case you didn’t know), and we’re already in the studio recording and filming…

The other major news, in case you haven’t already noticed, is that Juice Rap News has a brand new awesome-looking website! Thanks to Zoe from Visualtonic for re-jigging the ship and making it more sea-worthy, as well as patiently teaching us how to sail it. Cool new features include a Gallery page where we’ll be uploading snaps taken during production of episodes and other Juicy events. And of course, this BLOG! This is where we plan to upload some thoughts, content, reviews, etc, whenever we get some downtime to write in… Let’s see how we go… we’ve never tried this blog thing before and in the past we’ve barely had time to make episodes let alone maintain a website. But this year we hope to have abit more time up our sleeves as we take Juice Rap News to a new level of production.

Your feedback on the site is welcome – and please free to leave comments below.

Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy the new site and catch you soon for the start of Season 2.

Giordano & Hugo

  • Mikhail

    First time I saw your show on RT and just witnessed the most original way of satire! Keep it up!

  • Tobro

    Greetings from Limoges, in France ! You help us keeping our sanity level real high, please go on, oui nide you ! ^°^

  • Simon Rees

    Good luck Hugo; both you and Giordano are creating fantastic work and I tell all my friends here in Canada, or Mordor, whenever a new Rap News is up.

  • casey

    cant wait to see the new season. always worth the wait.

  • Azadidome

    Looking good, let’s hope it’s even better than season 1 (which was awesome)

    Keep up the great work guys !

  • JRN

    Thanks for all your comments, ladies and gents

  • j.biddy

    The new site looks good, can’t wait for the return of Juice Rap News before Insasion aka ‘Straya day.

  • Luis R.

    Looking forward to the new season! And the new site looks awesome!

  • Jorge Caicedo

    Great to have you back, keep the good work going

  • Arianne Shaffer

    Congratulations on this beautiful new site you two!! Big high fives of news-worthy power and love from all of us at Kindle Project!

  • Cathy Vogan

    Which top are we going to?

    I hope the very top 🙂

  • Nick

    Can’t wait for new episodes! You have no idea how useful they are for educating friends and family on key topics and even in my work I use them (where I spread news on important global struggles for justice – both social and environmental). Keep the good work up guys!

  • Tubbs

    Thanks guys. I await the latest installment. It keeps me sane.

  • Alesa Lajana

    On the frontier of political songwriting! Can’t wait to see the next ep

  • Fabre

    Glad to hear that you guys are back again in the studio . I hope you guys in the future do another episode of NSA spying on everyone, even congress.

  • Norman Tak

    The new design looks great, cheers to the web dev. Looking forward for the next RN!

  • Mati

    Thank you for what you do. Picking up the torch where Chuck D, Jack, Zack Dela Rocha, Radio SubRosa, K’naan, Em, and the Epic Rap Battles of History leave off and taking it to new places and perspectives. Shining the light into dark corners and chasing dem crazy baldheads outta town. W/style. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Duncan G

    Good on ya fella’s keep up the excellent work!!

    • JRN

      Thanks Duncan and Seth 🙂

  • Seth

    Keep up the good work!