Some thoughts on Rap News 21 (“The News”) – with Giordano

Some thoughts on Rap News 21 (“The News”) – with Giordano

Well, yesterday we launched our latest Rap News episode (here’s the link in case you haven’t already seen it) and now that the dust has settled a bit, I thought I’d post a few random things on this new Blog of ours.

I’m really proud of this latest episode because it features some thoughts I’ve long wanted to get off my chest regarding “The News” – things that have inspired the Rap News project as a whole.

Believe it or not, Rap News was born out of a yearning for a saner way of “summing up” world events. It’s not that I was dissatisfied with a particular brand of News – ABC, BBC, MSNBC, Fox (although the latter does presents additional reasons for concern). I was dissatisfied with the “News” paradigm as a whole…

I don’t know about you, but back in the day when I used to watch TV News I’d sometimes fantasise about a News program that would cover not just a specific nation, but the whole of humanity; which could report and update us on the massive, long-term issues of our generation (and civilisation) rather than just the issue de jour – or de week.

People sometimes say that “history was made” on such and such a day. But history – our story – is being played out every single day, in both small and spectacular ways. And since “The News” is supposed to cover daily events (journalism) I’ve always wondered whether reporters and news-anchors could be more like historians – connecting past & present, reminding us of where we came from, helping us understand where we’re heading, and reflecting on the historic nature of what is happening today, in real time. Basically, what Robert Foster (the news anchor I always wish we had) does in every episode of Rap News…

Ok, I do have slightly high expectations of The News, I know! But when you think about it – we can’t afford the alternative: to wait decades to learn about ourselves in history books; or to carry on watching “News” that casts us as mere spectators of disconnected information about things that supposedly happen to “other” people, whilst ignoring the simple but fundamental truth that the News-watching demographic is probably complicit in most of what’s happening in “The News”.

I never expected TV networks to change or interrupt their regular schedule of disengaged information. So I thought somebody else should give it a crack, and that’s one of the reasons Hugo and I started making Rap News. So you could say that this episode is like a sort of manifesto for the Rap News project (or at least one of the manifestos). 

Well, I hope this provides a bit of insight into Rap News and the ideas that inspired our latest episode. If I can, I’d like to post something after we release each new Rap News episode, so as to share some of the thoughts and ideas that don’t always find their way into the actual videos.

I want to conclude with an acknowledgement of the one and only Hugo, master of words and comedy, without whose art and poetry these episodes and messages could not be presented so powerfully. I’ve been ranting on about history, manifestos and paradigms etc because my main focus in Rap News is to craft the content and ideas of each episode, and most importantly, to come up with Robert Foster’s closing message at the end of each episode – “the Juice”, as we like to call it. But as you probably already know, what makes Rap News so special is not just the message (the News), or the medium (Rap); it’s the way they work together – Rap News 🙂

Till next time!


Photo courtesy of Kahlia Litzow

  • Carl

    Hello to the Juice Media team!

    I am an admirer of your work, you have a spectacular and unique show. You deal with many topics that other media outlets wont touch, and I think that, along with your amazing creativity, is what makes your show so good. I do have one question for you though: Is there any story that you wouldn’t touch for fear of the consequences? This is not about about RT and your deal with them. I mean even bigger or perhaps more frightening stories that the general public has no idea about.

    What made me think of this was your line in this episode : “no headlines on this show exposing paedophiles or hoodlums”

    Is this a subtle hint that you are self-censoring?

    I don’t know where you guys stand on this issue (perhaps opinions are divided amongst you) but you must be aware of the allegations of elite paedophile rings whose members count amongst the senior personnel in many major establishment institutions throughout the world. Would you care to give this story some light? Even if you just get Terrence Moonseed to propose it so it seems less ‘credible’. Is this a story which you will not touch at all?

  • Vivi

    Test. Again. Wow, do you have a word filter for words like “criticism”, or just a really messed up commenting software? I tried at least a dozen times, but it won’t get through, even in short paragraphs.

  • Robert @ Letters from Utopia

    Rap News (especially the latest installment) is definitely an inspiration for what we are trying to do. Don’t ever stop! Keep moving forward… It’s up to people like you to help wake the world up from this funk so we can finally get free! Thank you so much for all your work.

  • dvsdna

    Big up’s on your guys’ show, and also for your support of today’s protest! Cheers!

  • Azadidome

    Thank you for this entry, it personally helped me understand your objectives and views much better !
    Continue doing great episodes !

  • Jannick

    best thing of 2014 so far.

    fucking amazing guys.

  • Ralph

    Just watched your new video on RT. You are awesome. I am close to 50 years old and should be watching the Super Bowl, but to hell with that crap. I wish you all the best for your future and lots of success with your work.

  • Koolz

    To understand news and history one needs to understand real history.
    News has always been propaganda created by the Handlers of Jewish Banking Cartel. In other words the News has always been used as a tool for those in charge, to keep the public dumb to what is really happening. probably has the most realistic approach to real history I have scene on a website(what really happened in history)

    I love your videos! I would love to see one where you bring in John McCain other wise known as insane McCain. He creates Chaos where ever he shows up. Him and Kerry.
    McCain in Egypt(Chaos) McCain in Ukraine(Chaos) McCain in Syria(Chaos)

  • Cathy Vogan

    Indeed your films read like chapters in a history book.
    A good one, that I can remember
    Who would remember an episode of the news?
    You’re right. Disconnected and themeless, given agenda.

    History hits harder when it’s happening.
    Shaw is right.
    Good on you for evoking Pussy Quiet 😉

    • JRN

      Like chapters in a history book – thanks for that and the other beautiful images in this post, Cathy! (ps. “Pussy Quiet” is one of the comedic gems from Hugo which I was talking about!)

  • Ian MacLean

    Your comments echo my feelings about news, though I AM dissatisfied with what we get from the networks. I’m a big fan of The Newsroom, and the Daily Show, and JuiceMedia Rap News. There are tons of people out there who think these media are better sources for actual news than the disgraceful crap put out by the corporate media.

    PLEASE check out and consider using Patreon: the creator of SMBC web comic just guaranteed himself over $80,000 a year to keep producing his content (money from fans pledged to units of comics produced). I’d love to give you money on that forum as well.

    • JRN

      Quite right, Ian – there are quite a few shows that do shine a light on the News – funny how most of them are comedy shows (As Bernard Shaw is reputed to have said: “If you’re going to tell the truth you’d better people laugh or else they’ll kill you”). Thanks for letting us know about Patreon, too – looks brilliant and we’ll check it out!

  • Josh C

    The News, the great New-Scripture – disseminated daily by our faithful Corporate Cosmologists.. primped, crimped, pimped.. ushering in a new age but the advice is not sage. : )

    Keep it up friends, never stop holding us accountable Robert Foster.

    • JRN

      We will, there’s no fear of that Josh 🙂

  • Brandy

    You guys are doing something amazing and I could only hope to be featured in one of your videos someday. currently I’ve started Vlogging on youtube now and again.. Just posting bits and pieces of my day. I’ll talk about you guys in one of my Vlogs. I feel it’s really important that more people see your videos. And I will spread the word every way I can.

    • JRN

      Thank you Brandy! what’s your vlog channel? Please email us the link when you post the where you talk about RN! 🙂

  • Sean Haass

    And that’s exactly what it does… works together. Without resorting to going on a train of praise for the both of you and what you’ve been creating, I’d like to sum it up this way.

    For years as a teen my father hated and could never understand hip hop, now I’ve got him watching your video’s with closed captions on. That’s quite a change for a man that’s as stubborn as my father is.

    Thanks for everything….. every time I see the view count go up, I know there are more and more people out there, like me… that will eventually steer this world towards a less mundane and egotistical future. It may take many generations, but this is planting seeds that are starting to take root in the young already… I’m reminded of it everyday.


    • JRN

      Thanks for sharing that Sean, very true indeed. (please give our regards to you father!) G.