RAP NEWS 31: The EuroDiVision Contest

The wait is over! After a few unexpected delays, Season 4 of Juice Rap News (proud as always to ignore deadlines) is finally airing. And we’re kicking it off in glamorous fashion by hosting the first ever EURODIVISION CONTEST – featuring an all-EU cast of characters.

Yeah, we’ve all heard of EuroVision. But there’s another song that’s being sung across Europe – the peoples’ chants of protest against Europe’s austerity measures. Today we’ll hear some of the leading and loudest voices in this competition, such as Greece, Spain and Ireland, who are fighting back against austerity with people power; before turning to the contest’s three judges: Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Slovenian philosopher-rockstar Slavoj Žižek, and IMF dominatrix err… director, Christine Lagarde. Join Robert Foster as he examines the Eurozone crisis and the causes behind it: Is it all economics and budgets? or is this an ideological class war aimed at the welfare state? What are the solutions? And what on earth is Australia doing competing in this EuroZone song contest? All these questions and more will be tackled as Juice Rap News dives into this most bizarre of modern European traditions. Welcome to the EURODIVISION CONTEST!

Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a suburban backyard home studio in Melbourne, Australia, on Wurundjeri Land.

– Beat 1: ‘Forgotten’ by Red Hook Noodles
– Beat 2: ‘The Cook’ by Five Star Beats
– Beats augmented in the bass department by Melbourne wundermensch producer Able8
* All animations and background art created by Jonas Schweizer (aka Kookybone)
* All sorts of amazing people came in and performed on this episode and brought their skills to make it happen:
Thanks to Damion Hunter (King Brown) for appearing as the Australian competitor. Check out his work here
Angela Merkel played by Ellen Burbidge, with vox by Hugo
Slavoj Žižek played by Giordano, with vox by Adam Ferguson
Christine LaGarde played by Zoe Amanda Wilson, with vox by Lucy Cahill
Protesters played by Ellen, Zoe and Giordano, with vox by Lucy Cahill and Hugo
French EuroDiVision Contest announcer vox by Jillian Gunderman
Incredible make-up on this episode was done by Rosie Dunlop
Mad wigs and costumes from Rose Chong costumiers
* Captions sync’d by Koolfy from ‪http://nurpa.be‬
* Video and music edited by Giordano.

Thanks to our awesome translators!
Hebrew translation by Jonathan Barner
German translation by FL-Bremen
French translation by Julie Chatagnon
Dutch translation by Jonas Maebe
Spanish translation by General Patton
Serbian translation by Tamara L
Norwegian translation by Øystein Kolstad
Arabic translation by Haytham Faisal

If you would like to translate our episode into your language, please contact us

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