* Rap News LIVE Show! * (Join our mailing list for updates)

* Rap News LIVE Show! * (Join our mailing list for updates)


Friends of Juice Rap News,

We hope you’ve been enjoying Season 2 so far?! Episode 26 – on the topic of the 2014 World Coup in Brazil – will be dropping on Sunday 22nd. And while we finish editing and getting ready to launch, we want to make a special announcement:

We’re now in the process of taking the next step and in getting the Juice Rap News LIVE Show off the ground! We had an amazing experience a couple of years ago when we road-tested it out at Woodford Folk Festival (some of you were there!)¬†and having further established the routine of video production, the time is right to expand the run-time of the stage show, add new content, and take it out on the road in 2015.

To get us started we’ve created a Mailing List, which will be essential in spreading the word about future shows, informing people about live events in their town, and in running successful crowdfunding campaigns. Yup, we’re going to need your help with this next stage, as we’ll be attempting to crowd-fund the requisite budget to get this show touring.

So we’d like to invite you all to join our mailing list – like, right now: by clicking on this link right here

Subscribers will be positively discriminated against: you’ll be first in line for new announcements, and communications from us about the Live Show project, and other aspects of the project (no spam, cross our hearts).

And if that isn’t enough incentive to click that link and sign up, be warned: we’re going to be running some new competitions to win merch and Juice Rap News loot which will ONLY be winnable by our mailing list subscribers. The first competition’s going to be running later this week – so get on that list now!

Here’s the link again!

(As it says in the smallish print, we don’t need your full postal address – but your state and country would sure be useful for us to know where our most raddest followers are. It’ll help us target mail outs where necessary, and might even be a clincher in deciding where to bring the Live Show in the future!)

…k, well that’s the news! Back to work now on RN26 now

Giordano & Hugo

  • Selina

    Holy Shit! So excited that I might get the chance to see you this year. I am planning to play some of your episodes to my first year media students this semester. You guys give me hope for humanity. xx

  • faida jundi

    Someone out there is listening, keep it up. very impressive work

  • Amany Zachariah

    I am highly impressed by your works guys, so excited.

  • casey

    love the show

  • dagmawi adefrs