RAP NEWS 26: The World Coup – Thiefa vs Brazil

RAP NEWS 26: The World Coup – Thiefa vs Brazil

Dear friends, we’ve just uploaded our latest episode of Juice Rap News!

All eyes are on Brazil as it endures *hosts* the 2014 soccer World Coup – the most watched sporting event on the planet. Join Robert Foster as he investigates why many Brazilians are protesting against THIEFA, the shady organisation that runs the World Cup, and the rather fascist policies it has introduced to their country “for the good of the game”. But Brazil is not the only country to get shafted in this epic episode, which features exclusive interviews with captains of the strongest teams in the running for the notorious WORLD COUP. So, click play and find out why they really call it “The World Game.”

We’ll be back with our next video in August 🙂

Giordano & Hugo

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  • ZYX

    These videos are amazing. I want the youth of the world to watch them !

  • Jacobus

    Thank you for this insightful episode 🙂

    I am from South Africa and, as I am sure you know, the country was the host of the previous world c(o)up. It was a wonderful time of festivities and really did bring us together, though the majority of people at the time did not see the long term consequences of the process.

    The nation has been in further debt ever since and now that the after-glow of the event has faded, the political upheaval is returning from “under the carpet”. The world cup is truly a joy to behold, as it simultaneously unifies as well as divides us.

    I wonder, what strategy would you suggest is the best for us to enjoy the unifying power of sport whilst at the same time preventing the strife and division the game takes in its present form?

    Perhaps I overstep, in which case,I simply thank you for your effort and endurance in making this show. It is reaching people who have been so inspired by it and make us strive to do things in a similar vein.

    I salute you, Juice Media.

  • Gilson

    Just incredible this video!
    I’m Brazilian and I feel on my skin our “democracy” every day. I just want to thank you guys for showing the actual scenario of Brazil on this event of shit! How could they just rent our country? It’s inconceivable!

    Never get tired of explaining the durty shits that are going on this world!
    A especial thanks from all Brazilians unhappy with THIEFA.

  • Bruno

    Great job with the RN26 about the World Cup. I’m Brazilian and we have already opened our eyes for many problems this event may bring us. Unfortunatelly our government is only self concerned, paying attention to the bank accounts.
    Popularity of the dumb president Dilma is getting low but the Press is pro-government. Only few Tv groups show the real deal up here.
    Congratulations on your work. Extremely funny and a wise criticism.
    A grateful thank you from Brazil.