Season 4 pre-announcement!

Season 4 pre-announcement!

Dear Friends of Juice Rap News

As you know, we were set to begin production on Season 4 of Rap News in February. Well, it’s now the end of February and there’s no episode. So where the hell is it — you rightly ask? Well, tbh we’re asking ourselves the same question. Our rhyme pens were primed, our wigs and costumes were ironed, our browsers were open, with more than enough craziness in the world to get started.

Then, in the middle of February, just last week, something unexpected happened —­ we ran into funding difficulties which prevented us from proceeding as planned. We’re still not exactly sure ourselves what the situation is; so unfortunately we can’t go into details. But we want to let you know that we’re in the process of sorting things out so that we can get back on track ASAP.

We apologise for all the people out there who are suffering from Juice deficiency; to all those who have written to us asking, WTF are you guys up to and where’s my !*^&@ing new episode of Rap News?

Juice Rap News has not disappeared. We have not been renditioned; or abducted by UFOs.* We’re raring to go. We will be dropping an episode in March. And in the coming days, once we know the information ourselves, we’ll provide a less vague update on what’s been happening.

Until then, we thank you for your patience.

* We include a picture as proof of our continued existence on 27.02.2015


Giordano & Hugo


  • Arto Moonshine

    Lies! This picture is photoshopped! It’s a plot by the Freemasons!

    Great to have you back guys! Very excited for the new season!

  • InternetPerson

    Funds shouldn’t stand in the way of your awesome raps!
    Get yourselves onto kick-starter and I will personally donate $50 towards the hairspray and wig fund..

    Never compromise your message and keep the juice news coming!

  • Chuzhoi

    Hey guys! Thank you so much for all you do! Love the season 4 video update. I’m ready to do my part on the crowd funding. KEEP GETTING THE TRUTH OUT THERE! What you do is so important and there is a desperate need to spread the word around the world. Those of us already in the choir are rooting for you.

  • Ulven

    ill be sure to drop of some BC later on. if you ever get to the point where you have to stop producing awesome rapnews because you need to go flip burgers to pay for your weed – and other essentials – please let me/us know! ill start selling myself to old dudes to help fund you!

  • Jack the Slipper

    I’m a participant of this consumerist society. Currently, I’m on level 2 of the conveyor belt of capitalism: a university student. I will one day get a job and will give you guys a lot of money just to make episodes. I really enjoy what you’re doing for the rest of us.

  • Joshua

    Well, since most journalists who critique Putin often end up dead, a loss of RT funding isn’t so bad if indeed that is the case.
    Whatever the case, I am sure money can be found.
    How much does one episode average if you base it on season 3?

  • drchaos

    Keep your heads up, guys’n’gals 🙂
    Your last episode was the best you ever made, laid path for future things to come 😉
    As you’re cut off institutional funding, tell your story (maybe to democracynow, ITEOTWAWNIAIFF, some youtubers) turn to the interwebs for support (bitcoinwallet??) and you’ll be fine (monetarywise).
    if u need any help, let us now


  • Bum Er

    Bummer Guys,

    RT carries some great voices but they do try and maintain their reputation with a minimum of common MSMBS norms. I loved “The Truth Seeker” and he was cold call dropped last year with nary an explanation. Unfortunately Daniel Bushell was way too radical for RT. Maybe you guys pushed the envelope a bit to much but I don’t think so. Weird thing is I’ve never seen Juice Rap on the RT website only their badge on your videos when streamed on Youtube. If you put out the call I am sure that you have many fans that would drop a bit of currency to get new episodes.

    May the force be with you.

  • Kay

    Please come back soon guys. You are without a doubt the best thing on Youtube ( With Russell Brand a close contender) ; Your razor sharp wit, intelligence & artistic ability is truly outstanding.

  • ElsaKat

    Love watching & sharing your vids and supporting your work. One question…
    Your email 6 days ago said “we were informed by RT that we might not be able to proceed as planned. We’re still not exactly sure ourselves what the situation is; so unfortunately we can’t go into details. ”
    Your blog post of the same date here differs. It does not say the bit about RT but instead refers to a funding issue. Otherwise both announcements were pretty much the same.
    In the interest of open disclosure, please clarify your connection with RT. Thanks!

  • edam

    Hope all’s well. Keep up the good work fellas.

  • omar

    Hey, as long as you guys have more juice in the mixer, I’m waiting until hell freezes over. Good luck on season 4, and hey, we all have money problems. Take care and carry on. Omar

  • Mark Gubrud

    Oh I’m so bummed. If it’s money problems, maybe you need to dial back the brilliance a notch. Don’t stand so tall above everybody else so you won’t stand out. Mediocre gets the moolah. Or, maybe it’s your expose of the NWO that did it. You dug a bit too deep, my brothers. The conspiracy is all of us? Who wants to hear that?! Shit, I do. And lots more. Any way you can. Go back to the bedsheets and ductape. Whatever. Rap on!

  • JackTheTripper

    Thanks for the work you’ve done.. You produce high quality pro-social PR, and provide a valuable service to underdogs like myself.

  • JackTheTripper

    Are you funded by RT, or Youtube ads or both? Did both fall off? Got an eviction notice? Accounts frozen? No excuses! Life is art!