Some thoughts on Rap News 30 (The New World Order) – with Giordano

Some thoughts on Rap News 30 (The New World Order) – with Giordano

When we dropped Rap News 21, at the start of this year, I said I wanted to post something here after each new release to share some of the thoughts and ideas that don’t always find their way into the actual videos. (That didn’t quite work out as planned… sorry – the demands of monthly video production were slightly more massive than anticipated). But since we recently uploaded our  last video for the year – The New World Order (Rap News 30) – our Season 3 finale – I thought I’d take this opportunity to make up for my slackness for the past eight episodes and post an update. So here’s a little rant to accompany RN30, for those who have a bit of time on their hands. 


The typical NWO pyramid of power

RN30 covers one of the key concepts which Hugo and I have always wanted to explore through Juice Rap News. Even before we made our very first episode, in late 2009, we spoke about the need to critique the popular New World Order / Illuminati conspiracy theory which is often invoked to explain the state of the world today. It’s a conspiracy that has gained massive popularity over the past decade thanks to the internets, and which has arguably shaped the world view of an increasing number of people around the world – many of whom are justifiably pissed off about the way things are going, and want to change things for the better.

Sure, there are many real conspiracies around. But the NWO has grown into more than just a conspiracy; it has become a master narrative for explaining all the problems in the world today – practically a cosmology. So what is it all about? Despite all its apparent intricacies, its basic premise is rather simple (and therefore quite appealing): it externalizes the source of injustice by assigning responsibility for all the evil in the world to a shady elite at the top of the pyramid (commonly referred to simply as “They“), while encouraging us (usually affluent westerners) to identify as the oppressed at the bottom of the pyramid of power.

In order to prop up this notion, the NWO narrative needs to blast century-wide holes into our collective historical consciousness. Think about it… what about Indigenous peoples who experienced (and in some cases continue to experience) the catastrophic effects of colonisation? What about sweatshop workers, sex slaves and child soldiers? What about women across the world for most of recorded history? And what about the non-human species of the planet? Where do they fit into this NWO pyramid of power? They don’t. Because the NWO conspiracy world-view relies on us identifying as the victims of the system.

But take any of the serious crimes usually attributed to the New World Order – genocide, enslavement, exploitation, theft, cruelty, homogenization, conformity, assimilation, etc – you’ll see that all of these have been inflicted on the above sections of the society, in past and present times. (If you live in settler states such as Canada, USA or Australia, for example, you are living off the proceeds of all of the above). The historical record is clear about this. But NWO conspiracy advocates don’t like to be reminded of the crimes upon which their own wealth, privilege and power has been built; it upsets the basic victim based narrative. 


Bill de Berg’s version of the NWO pyramid. (Image by Zoe Tame). Click to enlarge.

In RN30, to illustrate this blind spot, William De Berg presents Terrence Moonseed with a more honest depiction of the NWO pyramid of power which encourages us to question where we actually fit into its structure. Note that the image is not ‘to scale’: the layers of the pyramid do not necessarily sit in this specific order, indeed they often intersect across gender, class, race, etc; and you may well find it necessary to question the labels and positions of the lower tiers (That’s good – reality is too complex for any single stupid diagram!). The basic point this image seeks to convey is that “we” are not necessarily at the bottom of the pyramid, as we are often encouraged to imagine by NWO-conspiracy proponents. Victims of injustice can also be oppressors and beneficiaries of injustice.

Ironically, if there is a NWO conspiracy, its most powerful aspect might be that even its agents don’t realise they are a part of it. Which is precisely what keeps the pyramid of power intact, for by failing to recognise our place in it, we end up perpetuating the very injustices which we (and NWO conspiracy advocates) seek to end.

Well, it took us 5 years and 30 episodes to distil these ideas into a rap news format, to develop the characters we needed to craft the argument, and to hone our rap newsician tools. So we hope you find it… illuminating. We don’t expect this episode to be particularly popular with the hardcore NWO believers out there – many of whom by now probably regard us as being part of the Illuminati. We can only hope that it might lead some of them to question their view of the world – as they so often exhort others to do.

Well, that’s all for now. Hugo and I will be back with fresh doses of Juice Rap News in February 2015, when we’ll kick off Season 4.

Till then, take care.



  • Aristophanes

    I have found that Rap News is the most powerful and meaningful message is when it makes comments regarding ‘we’re players’, ‘the world is not external’, etc. When certain people, who’ve gone through fewer ‘states of enlightenment’, are exposed to a totally different experience a sort of culture shock ensues. It is very hard to convince people that their infatuation with consumer goods is a root cause of some the world’s more atrocious social, economic, and ecological processes.

    Many problems both inside and outside of the Western world could be somewhat ameliorated if the western, particularly the US, people stop buying so many things. They can’t really afford it anyway since the US make and export so little, save for arms, debt, paper, and IP licenses. If demand goes away then incentives start to vanish. It’s not complicated (trade is only one of five dollar standard institutions and the most legitimate one to boot). The rest of it is difficult to know how to affect. How does the democratic population deal with the petrodollar standard? Luckily, the US population is focused on more pressing matters.

    Santa Claus is what we teach our kids in the US. It’s the fun game for new parents and family members to play and if you’re not gonna do it you’re ‘no fun’. Really, Santa is a surrogate for both god and the world economy. We explain the world economy and the point of morals in terms of Santa giving kids material goods as reward for not misbehaving. Those material goods come from, “uhhh, elves in the North Pole not kids like you” in sweatshops in [unnamed part of the world]. NORAD announces on Dec 24th every year that they’ve ‘spotted santa’s sleigh on radar’ and local and national news and radio say it over the air. If they are old enough to know Santa is not real then they are just about ready to get sucked back into the deep end of it where they ‘ll be propagating the myth to their children and participating in the consumption end in order to keep up their end of the bargain. I’m pretty sure, speaking of conspiracies, that this is the ultimate ‘strategic myth’ of the consumer society. It is what we tell ourselves to purposely distance rationality and ritual; empirical and ideal and it takes a naive form for kids and more advanced practical form for adults. “Who are you? Look at the things we have!”

    Anyway, Rap News has pretty consistently exceeded my expectations. Topical issues are good, obviously, but the occasional special topic (singularity) is welcome. I want to see one with Terrence Moonseed and Alan Moore talking about conspiracies, anarchy, agency, mysticism and magic from Promethea. But, then, “want” is the problem isn’t it?

  • Robert

    Rap News videos are amazing! Especially I found these diagrams begging to print them poster size and put it on my wall to NEVER FORGET in what salve reality we live in! Until we earn our freedom.

    You are doing an awesome job and all seasons are very much appreciated! Congratulations and can’t wait for season 4!!

    Thank You guys!

    • 00yoshi

      Then do something for your freedom, sitting around won’t change anything.

  • Stoney

    It’s very reassuring to know that satire has evolved into intellectual gems like this.

  • Infinity

    This video was an excellently reasoned look at the NWO, in stark contrast to the usual fare that places responsibility one hundred percent in the hands of the mysterious ruling elite whilst the rest of us are helpless, infant-like poor slaves with no free will but to suffer.

    I do not agree that we are as empowered as Bill De Berg would like to think (of course, he would have never had to live as a peasant peon) and that a strategy of Divide and Conquer and ridiculous laws are making it ever harder to even create equality within the lower stratas of this hypothetical pyramid.

    But taking responsibility for your contribution to the injustices of the world system is a fantastic new concept. The victim mentality is unhelpful past a certain point, and the truth is we in the western world, though not living happy awesome lives of jet-setting, are still not the worst victims by far of the structure of this world system – and indeed perpetuate it almost daily by simple acts of ignorance or mindlessly excessive consumerism.

    You guys are my Heroes…Odd that you’re from the same city. This kind of awesome display of awesome makes me proud to be in Melbourne, which is usually boring!

    too many of our generation are lazing around in apathy whilst history dictates to them, rather than creating it.

    Thanks for the videos, keep up the brilliant work!

    • JRN

      Thanks for this great comment, Infinity – we’re glad to offer a different perspective on the NWO phenomenon. Not sure about it being “new”: those who dwell lower down in Bill’s pyramid – eg. Indigenous peoples, animals – have known about the NWO for centuries, even if they referred to it in other terms. We just joined the dots 😉

  • Phil

    Just got back from Woodford Folk Festival after seeing you guys at the Grande, absolutely amazing performance and such powerful raps.

  • Terrance Moonseed

    JuiceRap 30b, Terrance Moonseeds Revenge

    I’m back…. I’m back after forced navel gazing at my inner reptilian,
    What do I have to say, I’m not a victim, I’m with the league of defiance.
    Bill de Berg, or should I say Giordano, go shove it, the illuminati controls from above.
    If you’re below you have no power by design divide and conquer,
    And if push comes to shove….Violence!
    So suck on the Machiavellian nut.
    But why would you push this disempowering blame the sheeple meme,
    You called it yourself, you’re with the illuminati for power and wealth.
    But you say, “I’m and intellectual my vision is refined,
    I understand nuance you crude simple mind”
    “I stand with the most disempowered, the indigenous, I’m more righteous than you.”
    But I’m Terrance Moonseed and I know the truth,
    You and your buddy Assange are just MK Ultra mind controlled left gate keeper tools,
    Think it’s a coincidence you’re all from Melbourne and Assange with his platinum blond ‘doo
    Guess again, you’re spawn from the Family, your narratives framed
    In a CIA LSD 1960’s Santiniketan Park Association Manchurian candidate fog.
    How else could you get the great 911 facts denier Chumpsky to be in your rhyme,
    Or BDS Israel dumper Finkelstein to go along for a line,
    Just ask a Rothschild, Rockefeller or Warburg
    You all work for the Man, I am not blind.

    Author’s postscript:
    Just a bit of satire mate. It is always healthy to let any unconscious dirty laundry conspiracy theories out in the air to dry. I still love your work. Apologies for lame raps.

    • JRN

      Ha! That was awesome 😉

  • Damian

    Just wanted to say that I am consistently impressed with your output.

    It would be easier and more profitable to push the usual populist twaddle (evil government etc), but you always go much deeper and expose the real complexities of human society and our social structures.

    You deserve far more views than you get.

  • Logan

    When I click on the link for your Facebook, it takes me to some German band page or something. But anyways, amazing video, as always! Oh, and when can we expect to see you back for the next season? Hope it’s not too long 🙂

  • Jordi

    Thank you Rap News… because of you I heard wonderful ideas that have truly changed my mind. Ever since that chapter with Jacques Fresco and the Venus Proyect, i learned of other ways of analysing reality, with other values, ideas and technologies. I started doing research on the things you guys talk about in your chapters, and i can say now after some years that I am a better person. Thank you again for your continuous effort to open our minds! For some of us it worked! 😉

    • JRN

      Jordi! 🙂 This makes all our hard work worth it, thank you so much for you post! It’s the best result we could ever hope to achieve.

  • daznez

    it has become a master narrative for explaining all the problems in the world today – practically a cosmology. So what is it all about? Despite all its apparent intricacies, its basic premise is rather simple (and therefore quite appealing): it externalizes the source of injustice by assigning responsibility for all the evil in the world to a shady elite at the top of the pyramid (commonly referred to simply as “They“)

    you are fucking sell-outs. that is all.

    • JRN

      Ironically, we could make better money if we fed you more crap about the NWO

    • Retro

      Juicemedia isn’t denying that there are indeed people on top exploiting those below them. But they are asking you to open your eyes and see that you are not at the bottom of the pyramid. Learn to discriminate you fundamentalist.

  • 3rd Millennium-3rd Estate

    Greetings Giordano,

    I too have taught some history and studied at UniMelb. grad school, so I think I empathize with (at least most of) your objectives. Have you heard of “Fractional Reserve Banking/Lending?”- it’s basically an (traditional) accounting practice which allows banks to conjure up money “ex nihilo” (from nothing) whenever they issue a loan (which is of course nearly all the time)… such FRL-derived money accounting for approx. 97-98% of the money supply in all western countries (and most others, too). ‘What is the “New World Order”‘ is, of course, an inherently tricky/rhetorical question, as first one must squarely identify the “old” before moving on from that to what is [genuinely] new. ‘William de…’ is a clever subliminal… as both William de Conqueror and William of Orange played very large roles in bringing feudalism and Fractional Reserve Lending (FRL) to the merry old English [in the 11th and 18th c’s, respectively]- progenitors of this language that we [representing so many different countries and continents now] are currently communicating in. I would argue that [FRL/imperialism] had as much to do with rounding up ‘indigenous lands’ for whitey (or whatever you want to call him) in the 18th and 19th centuries, as did ‘racial’ist memes. The latter being something of a ruse or cover story (plausible deniability) for the imperialist wizards of the former. As you and Hugo put it towards the end of Rap News #9, “That’ll buy us some time.” The resultant racist knot was carefully disentangled over the course of the 20th century. And yes, there were victims on ‘all sides’, even in Australia (and maybe even in Rome). Nonetheless, in this young 21st, we are still left ‘under the rubric’ of what is more or less *the very same* financial-fraud-imperialism system that kicked the whole mess off, about 5 centuries ago in Christopher Columbus days. It was new [in the “New World”- ha ha] at that time. Now it is simply stupid (some might say ‘archaic’ or ‘mindless’) for all TPTB in the world today to keep running with this (brainchild of the) 17th century imperialist system. The world has already long since been conquered (18th), bought & resold (19th), consolidated & commodified (20th) (and perhaps even derivated [21st]). We- supposed citizenry- cannot really expect those prime beneficiaries of [what is in fact] a very, very *old* World Order to just announce to us one day that they’ve had it all wrong. Although “Their” outrageous provocations speak volumes (as to what any meaningful “new” Conspiracy Theory or “New” World Order might actually be in the works), “They” cannot dispense with the old and bring in the new for us. Like it or not, is is up to us (to stop being their fools).
    The “stupid chart” pyramid (scheme) featured prominently in #30 is analogous to “materialism” (Age of Materialism), which in itself is, IMHO, analogous to “the adolescence of mankind.”… and also maybe with the nice folks who made our calendar and time systems, too. Age 20-21 typically being the end of it (such growth/self obsessed immaturity… usually fed by some degree of material insecurity).


    • Loztheproz

      Hi 3M3E, enjoyed your contribution very much. Do you have any public profiles I am able to follow?

    • Sorry I never replied to your comment here 3rd Millennium – I did read and appreciate the thought share! G.

  • david

    ..every perception of humans has brought us far to these extent…lets do more to foster more urge for the mules growing up…yea,lets do more..we all can wait till feburary…peace

  • Daithi

    As an avid viewer of your work since day one, I recognise the validity of your statement “it took us 5 years and 30 episodes to distil these ideas into a rap news format”. The complexity of the conspiracy narrative makes detangling the tentacles of the beast almost an impossible task, but one which I think you have carefully and craftily, both constructed and, deconstructed over your journey so far. As soon as I watched RN30, recognising it as an episode which was built upon all those before it, I knew its message would be wide open for misinterpretation, and that is no fault of yours. It’s hard to see the truth in the trees when you’ve planted your forest with seeds of selection biases.

    This journey we share may bring us evolution and growth, upwards and outwards, but only if we go inward, break it down to our core and realise that all change happens from within.

    “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” – Gandhi

    Again, I commend you on what I believe to be the pièce de résistance so far in the Rap News portfolio. Thank you and goodnight.

    • JRN

      Thanks for coming along on the ride with us since day one, Daithi! And for the awesome comment – seriously appreciated 🙂

  • Manuel

    Yes this episode is different. Usually I become encouraged to check on the underlying ideas your episodes builds on. It makes me aware of something, The things I really considering as important to know. This episode truly makes a revealing statement for anyone who sees himself a victim, yet it does not encourage me to dig deeper ( I am really not interested in this NWO stuff : ). On the raps you have really done awesome work this time. cheers!

  • Carl Chapman

    Thank you Juice Rap news, I like all your Episodes.
    Have you listend to any of these rap songs :-

    The Last Poets – “E Plurbus Unum” .
    K-Rino “The Plan” .
    the Bondi Hipsters “FUCK THE BANKS” .

  • Patrick

    Hi, v interesting piece, but just to let you know that the 2nd graphic here (the Bill de Berg one) doesn’t open, to make it possible to view, when it is clicked on. Any chance this can be rectified? Thanks.

    • JRN

      Thanks for pointing this out – it should be fixed now!

  • Mathildebeli

    Absolutely loved this! Even though it’s simplistic the model is an awesome way to illustrate your general point. I can’t wait until February

    • JRN

      See you then! 🙂

  • @humancoral

    This is one of my favorite episodes yet. Thanks for focusing on the “oppressor within” and for the insight that, like Moonseed, we tend to externalize the responsibility of injustice when we should first be looking to remove our own participation in it. As we are all simultaneously oppressors and oppressed, becoming aware of our privilege is the first step to becoming allies to those more oppressed (located lower in the pyramid) than we are. Die Antwoord parody is brilliant, and Bill de Berg’s intervention is masterful, as is “the Juice” at the end of the episode. February seems way too far away.

    • JRN

      Thanks @humancoral 🙂