Special Video: Season 4 UPDATE!

Hello again! To reward you all for your patience, support and camaraderie, we’ve made this special video to update you on Season 4. This is for our dedicated audience out there: it features never-before-seen behind-the-scenes views of JRN HQ – PLUS: the two of us in our first ever appearance on the show. (Kind of)

(As you can see in the video, you’re not the only impatient peeps out there: our regular characters, General Baxter, Ken Oathcarn, Terrence Moonseed, Ivan Sakamunev and others have literally been harassing us every day!)

For all those wondering what our situation is now: The good news is we’ve managed to secure enough funds for the first half of Season 4. This is because we will be continuing our collaboration with RT (Russia Today) for the next 5 episodes. Which is good news.

However, from that point, we will be taking your advice and launching a major crowd-funding campaign to fund future Rap News episodes.

So please stay tuned for details towards the middle of Season 4. We’ll post updates on Facebook and Twitter, of course. But the most reliable way of staying up to date with Juice Rap News is to join our mailing list.

Well, that’s all for now. We hope you enjoy our chaotic little update video as you wait for Season 4 to start, before the end of March. Post your thoughts, comments, insights and so on – we love reading them, you funny mofos.

As always, thank you!

Giordano & Hugo

** Beat by IMMEX
** Captions courtesy of Koolfy
** French translation by Julie Chatagnon

  • Sasquatsch

    tough survival…waiting to get my goal achievements pay out, to change from eating only pasta and support your fab team

  • Dus Early

    Glad to know that Canadian correspondent Fagin Heighbard was too busy working to get Harper elected again to show up.

  • Can’t wait! Ha, your house looks like mine. Love you crazy fuckers. Nice to see other ppl goin broke making music and talkin about politics LOL

  • myleandro

    Absolutely Brilliant lads. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for the update. Especially loved the ending 🙂