Thanks, Kindle Project (again!)

Thanks, Kindle Project (again!)

Some of you might remember that last year we were over the moon when the wonderful folk at Kindle Project awarded us a Maker’s Muse Award. Well, you can imagine just how happy, and humbled, we are to share with you the great news: Kindle Project has renewed its support of Juice Rap News for another year in 2014, with a generous gift of US$14,000.

Although we now receive funds from RT for licensing monthly episodes to them, we still run this ship on a shoestring budget. So Kindle’s support really means a huge deal to us. Moreover, it comes as a gift – with no expectations or strings attached, deadlines, paper-work etc. It’s a rare thing these days to receive such unconditional support (unless of course you’re the Israeli Government or the CEO of Goldman Sachs in which case you’ll receive billions of dollars in US aid/bailouts no matter what…) It’s comforting to know that there are people out there like the Kindle kin, who are helping to fund, sustain and encourage projects like Rap News.

So, if you love Rap News, please join us in thanking Kindle Project for their generous support once again. And if you haven’t heard of Kindle Project, check out this video which gives a glimpse into their remarkable story. Also, take a walk through their site and see the MANY other inspiring projects Kindle supports.

We cannot end this short message without also thanking all of you out there for the support you give us, in all its various forms: your comments, emails, shares, likes, jokes, critiques, criticism, advice, translations and donations. Not only does all of this help us to sustain this journey; it reminds us that all the energy we put into making Rap News really means something to people out there.

One of the key motivations behind Rap News is to remind people they are not alone in holding onto a more sane perspective of the insane events unfolding around us in this human journey. The support we receive from you, and the Kindle Project kin, serves to return that favour.

With gratitude and respect,

Giordano & Hugo

  • Leah Hawkins

    Your work is great! I love it !
    I’m fourteen and I’m constantly learning things from your videos as well as laughing my head off!
    Some people must not get the concept as your videos clearly are not sick at all and are far from boring!!
    I really love them I think they’re amazing and you people are legends to produce something like this!
    I don’t get the negativity because I think they are amazing, my dad showed them to me and we both subscribes and watch them daily!
    They are amazing and educating!!!

    • JRN

      Thanks Leah! 🙂

  • Debbie

    I am a proud Australian, born and bred. But watching your rap video made me feel absolutely sick. You are a bunch of morons, and I am ashamed to think that you too are Australian. What a disgrace. Not smart. Not funny. Seriously, what’s your problem?
    You know, over the centuries many nations gave lost their land – not only Palestinians. Why don’t we just look at a few situations that the jewish people have had to endure…
    Killed, forced conversions or expelled from Spain in the 15th century – but did they say kill all spanish, boycott spanish business, or wipe Spain off the map? No
    Physically removed from their homes all across Europe – beaten, starved, tortured, murdered by German nazis and collaborators – but do they say kill all Germans, boycott German business, wipe Germany off the map? No
    More recently, killed or expelled from their homes in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and other Arab countries – but do they say kill all Arabs, boycott Arab nations or wipe Arab nationsff the map? No
    Does anyone care that they were displaced people – men, women and children? No
    Do they go around blowing up buses, supermarkets, restaurants? No
    Do they blow up Australians in bars in Kuta? No
    How about the twin towers in New York? No
    Do they own a huge parcel of land in the Middle East? No
    Do they teach their children to hate and kill? No

    But do they help every country on earth when in need due to catastrophic events? Yes
    Do they have roughly 30% Arabs living in Israel? Yes
    Do they hospitalise and treat sick and injured Arabs? Yes
    Do they free thousands of murderers and terrorists from their jails in the hope of peace? Yes
    Does that peace ever occur? No

    Because of fuckwits like you!

    Now take that shit off the internet and grow up!

    • Dazzaaaar

      Giordano & Hugo I’m loving your work!

      Don’t listen to prigs like Debbie. She clearly has has the critical intellect of a wombat.

      As a penance I think she should get a cameo feature in your next “Australia Day” rap 🙂

      By the way there are a number of definitions of “prig” (as opposed to “prick” which might also apply) take your pick:

      A person who is smugly self-righteous and narrow-minded
      A person who demonstrates an exaggerated conformity or propriety, especially in an irritatingly arrogant or smug manner
      A person self-righteously concerned with the observance of proprieties
      A person regarded as arrogant and annoying
      A self-righteously moralistic person who behaves as if they are superior to others

  • Richard

    My response from the cheerful bunch at juicemedia.

    “Sorry to disappoint and bore you so much Richard. 

    Feel free to un-susubscribe at any time



  • Richard

    I used to be a serious follower of juicemedia rap news after discovering you at a festival about 5 years ago.
    After subscribing I noticed that you recommend and like YouTube videos for others… This is probably YouTube trying to recommend stuff for me from my heros but it takes away from the whole free and unbiased approach I fell in love with.
    Not too mention that for some reason half the liked videos are about Israel and get boring very quick.
    To promote free and fair and true media you should stick to your rap news and expose not preach

  • Sam

    Fantastic news. Yes I do appreciate your sane take on this insane world. Because at times you do have to wonder why (it seems) you are the only one thinking a particular way.