WealthCare – Honest Government Ad

WealthCare – Honest Government Ad

Our latest vid is about healthcare! Coz I have friends in the US and I’d like them to not die.

The US Government just released this ad about HealthCare and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.

☛ 100% produced by the Patrons of the Juice Media.
☛ Written & created by Giordano – with help from Adso, Dbot, and awesome US consultants: Ken, Alison and Ben.
☛ Performed by Ellen x Voice by Lucy
Music by Soundaround
Outro beat by Mozart x Eric Parsons

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  • haps

    Damn, I’m more belated. Most thank you! Satire’s pen may cut deepest. A brilliant piece of mockery here. Thank you

  • Charley Bowman

    A belated Thank You!